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AC Maintenance

When you are getting your AC inspected and cared for on an annual (or more frequent) basis, we will have a lot more ability to predict breakdowns or more serious issues with the system well before they crop up. Wouldn’t that be nicer than walking into your house after a long day at work to find out it’s 82 and climbing inside?

At-Home AC Maintenance

One of the biggest things you can do on your own to prevent AC breakdowns is to change your filters regularly.

How often should your filters be changed? What is “regularly?”

Every 30-60 days - especially in homes with pets!

When is the last time you changed your filters? Now is the time to stock up on a 6-pack, and set that reminder on your smartphone to do a swap in another month or two. You may be surprised to see how dirty it can get in that short time!

If you don’t swap these old dirty filters out for clean ones, they can’t do their job and that leads to other problems. When the warm air gets blown out of your home, it goes past the evaporator coils. The pet hair, dust, and other particulate that should have gotten caught in those filters can end up getting stuck to the coils, causing them to freeze and your system to stop working.

Benefits of an AC Maintenance Program

Some of the most cost-effective benefits of an AC maintenance program include:

  • Less breakdowns

  • Longer lifespan for your equipment

  • More energy efficiency

Not to mention the peace of mind and the lack of hassle from having to worry about the air not working at the beginning of every hot season!

Our plans are customizable, depending on your needs. We can schedule maintenance for as often as it is warranted. While there are some things you can do on a regular basis to keep your central AC in peak condition, much of what our plan includes needs to be done by a specially trained technician. If you prefer not to get your hands dirty at all, we can take care of the whole system for you year-round.

Air conditioning maintenance is an important part of keeping your home cool during the summer months. Any heating or cooling equipment should be inspected by a professional at least once a year, and twice a year for heat pumps, since they provide both heat and air conditioning for your home. When you hire the air conditioning maintenance professionals at HNL Mechanical for a AC tune–up, one of our technicians will inspect your entire system to check for any potential issues. They will also test efficiency levels and clean out filters or anything obstructing airflow. Because detecting minor issues early on can prevent a major hassle down the road, it is important that you remember to schedule a tune–up every year.

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